Addressing the New Age of Holistic Skin Care Treatments

According to a global survey conducted over the past 18 months, it is estimated that nearly 80% of people spend between 50 and 75 minutes per day looking in the mirror, which adds up to well over 15,000 hours during the course of the average lifetime. However, this wasn’t the most surprising finding within the investigation. Just take a look at the other statistics that were collected:

  • The vast majority of people, women in particular, worry more about their outward appearances than anything else in life. Almost 65% of the respondents stated that their looks are more significant than their salaries, friendships, homes, and even overall health.
  • Our skin care routines take up a huge amount of time each week. Researchers believe that the typical individual spends approximately 62 minutes per week on cleansing, exfoliating, moisturising, and simply examining his or her skin.
  • We also use far too many topical products and unguents. The average person applies six different ointments per day and these creams feature dozens upon dozens of active ingredients, many of which produce adverse effects and undesirable consequences.

Even with the excessive amount of attention paid to our skin care regimens and beauty programmes, roughly nine in every ten individuals are still disgruntled and unhappy with their appearances, which is why we’ve decided to underscore the best-rated skin treatment available in today’s healthcare market.

Understanding the Benefits of IPL

The acronym IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light but this highly sought-after procedure is colloquially referred to as photorejuvenation or a photofacial.

In a nutshell, the IPL treatment activates and awakens your body’s innate curative properties, essentially allowing you to assuage the following symptoms and manifestations:

  • Fine lines, age-induced creases, and wrinkles
  • Dilated capillaries and engorged blood vessels
  • Sun spots, splotches, pockmarks, and scars
  • Hyperpigmentation caused by surplus melanin
  • Uneven or irregular skin tones
  • Rosacea and exceedingly reddish complexions

After receiving the treatment, 71% of patients notice substantial, apparent improvements in the quality, sheen, and uniformity of their skin and a huge number of women who undergo IPL in Perth attest to a reduced need for foundation, makeup, and alternative beauty products.

What Can I Expect During My Visit?

The IPL process involves the application of fast, repetitive flashes of modified light energy to animate the restorative elements lurking beneath your epidermis. During your appointment, which typically lasts for 30 to 90 minutes, your dermatology expert will apply a protective gel and then target the advanced light waves onto the affected areas.

Contrary to popular belief, IPL does not involve any perilous lasers, precarious incisions, or invasive strategies. It is actually renowned as one of the most efficacious non-intrusive cures for skin discolouration, surface staining, scarring, blemishes, and other unpleasant or unattractive conditions that seem to worsen over time.

All it takes is one or two IPL treatments to attain considerable results so be sure to get in touch with your local dermal therapy clinic some time in the near future.

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