Anabolic Steroids Must Be Taken Following The Laws

Anabolic steroids, also called anabolic-androgenic steroids are recognized as artificial variants of the male hormone, testosterone. In this phrase, anabolic symbolizes muscle building and androgenic is referred to as better male sexual features. Anabolic steroids have also got nicknames like Roids, Gear, Stackers and Juice. Different physicians habitually prescribe them for treating hormonal problems like hindered puberty and for treating diseases that result in muscle loss, like AIDS and cancer. Anabolic steroids are regularly abused by bodybuilders, athletes to improve their physical appearance or performance. This abusing results in many health problems like breast growth in males, acne, high blood pressure, kidney problems, aggressiveness, heart problems, a deepened voice in females, liver disease etc.

Legal status of anabolic steroids in Canada

When you wish to buy steroids in a nation like Canada then you must be aware of the lawful regulations of that country beforehand. According to the Canadian laws, anabolic steroids are available only with a prescription. Nonetheless, a prescription is issued when the medical need arises. This is the reason why bodybuilders shift their attention to the black markets for acquiring them. The risks of purchasing products from black market are huge. Their products often turn out to be contaminated and fake. Additionally, you can buy some kinds of steroids over-the-counter even when you aren’t equipped with a prescription and usually these products are corticosteroids (the other type of steroids).

Anabolic steroids like Testosterone, Dianabol or Anadrol are impossible to buy in Canada without a valid prescription from a physician. You have the liberty to buy lawful dietary supplements online for the purpose of muscle building and fat-loss. Few people address them by the name “legal anabolics”. These supplements can be easily bought even when you aren’t armed with a prescription as they are comprised of legal constituents. In Canada, it is not unlawful to own anabolic steroids but selling them is strictly illegal. Based on Canadian regulations, the dealers of unlawful drugs are punished by the law enforcement.

Process of abusing anabolic steroids

People who abuse anabolic steroids generally prefer to take them orally and sometimes they inject them into their muscles. They take dosages that are 10-100 times higher compared to the dosages suggested by the physicians for treating several medical conditions. Anabolic steroids can be applied to the users’ skin in the form of gels, creams or patches. Actually, athletes and bodybuilders who abuse steroids do sofor extractingmaximum effects from them and they believe that they are capable of averting undesired side effects too. Generally, they take steroids in different ways that comprised of:

  • Cycling – In this process, dosages of steroids are taken for a certain period of time before taking a rest in between. After sometime, the steroids are taken again.
  • Stacking – In this process, the users combine a couple of or more than two types of steroids.
  • Pyramiding – In this process, users gradually increase the dosages as well as the occurrence of steroids before they touch the peak amount of dosage. After that, they slowly taper off the dosages.

As anabolic steroids can be abused, many nations follow strict laws regarding them. In Canada, anabolic steroids are illegal to sell and available only with a prescription to a consumer.

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