Cheap Bongs Perfect for Parties

The absolute best bongs hands down for any kind of crowded event like a party, or even just a gathering of friends, is an acrylic bong. You might get some weird looks and maybe some snide remarks from glass snobs, but the truth is cheap bongs made of acrylic will get you just as high as any glass bong, and no there are no dangerous chemicals you might inhale just because it’s plastic. Some people just like to view glass pieces as functional art, and treat it as a collection or even status symbols in the case of expensive brand names. It’s true that the very best flavor you can get from a bong rip is definitely always going to come from the glass, but acrylic’s got loads of advantages.

Unless every one of your friends is totally trustworthy to not break your bong when they come over, this is the first reason to get acrylic. There’s nothing preventing you from having a nice hand blown glass bong to use alone in your personal time, and an acrylic one for travelling and social events. There’s nothing wrong with viewing glass as artwork and wanting to build a collection and display it, but you’re entering snob territory if you totally refuse to hit anything that’s not made of glass, or if you bring your tall Roor with you to every party.

Cheap bongs made of acrylic won’t break no matter how many times they get knocked over at parties, and they’ll stay safe when you’re travelling. One disadvantage, however, is that if you want it to stay clean you’ll have to take care of cleaning it regularly. Powerful 90% isopropyl alcohol, which is what’s generally used to clean out glass bongs, can be a bit too powerful and strip away the dyes that are used on the acrylic, and that’s a recipe for disaster when you’re smoking out of it regularly. Either way, you’d have trouble finding any decent glass bong for 25$, while that’s generally the most you’ll pay for an acrylic piece. That’s the price I paid for my foot tall acrylic bong, plus it has an ice catcher!

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