Floatation, Health and Bodybuilding

Over the last decade people have become more health conscience than ever before and it is also due to this that floatation tanks are quickly becoming a part and parcel of these health-conscious individuals’ weekly schedules. Research on the subject is a dime a dozen mainly because the float tank or floatation therapy has just too many health benefits, so much so, that even those involved in extreme sports and even bodybuilders are taking to it. So what is this ‘float tank all about’, well keep reading and you will know enough about it to actually give it a shot!

Floatation Tank – Brief Description

Float tanks in general are about 8 feet in length and about 4 feet wide filled with 200 lbs. of Epsom salt saturated water (800 lbs. of Epsom salt). Epsom salt is basically magnesium sulphate which is quite different than the salt we use for our food. The magnesium is actually absorbed through our skin which is a good thing as magnesium is critical for a lot biological functions including building of muscles which would be a critical success factor for body builders especially.

What happens to us in a float Tank?

Our brains are basically sent into a deep state of rest and most of the brain’s processing power is freed allowing it to assist our biological system in a variety of ways.  This assistance ranges from rapid recovery from injury, calibration of blood pressure to rapid elimination of fatigue and an enhanced flow of endorphins and other feel good enzymes.

How Floating Helps Body Builders Physically?

When body builders float, they do not have to contend with the effects of gravity anymore and this provides relief for every single muscle that had been strained from the usually rigorous workouts. Apart from that the high content of magnesium sulphate in the solution that they float in is absorbed through the skin. Magnesium sulphate has two primary purposes that are essential for body builders and that is building muscles and protein chains. Apart from that, magnesium sulphate also assists in relaxing muscles and removing lactic acid from the system.

How Floating Helps Body Builders Mentally?

Body building does not just involve our physical aspects as it also requires a high degree of concentration and discipline. In order to be able to concentrate, body builders need to be rid of stress, anxiety and nervousness. Floatation therapy has been clinically been proven to be the ‘perfect’ stress buster. The fact that a float tank  also recalibrates and synchronises our physical being to our mental being is also a critical factor for body builders to visualise, strategize and execute their body building objectives seamlessly.

Take Away

Body building or not, the fact is that floatation therapy works wonders and the people that benefit the most are those who are both mentally and physically strained. Floatation therapy eases the mind, the body and most important of all, it eases the soul and places us on a much better plane.

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