Medical walkers for people with mobility problems

Medical walkers are highly valuable devices for some people. Elderly people are mostly advised to use the walkers as they face difficulty to move to different places. Medical walkers assist people suffering from medical problems to balance themselves or walk properly. People who have gone through painful surgery or who are undergoing physical therapy or rehabilitation are advised medical walkers for ensuring complete recovery. There are different kinds of walkers. A walker without wheels is generally used by people suffering from upper extremities. This walker is made with lightweight metal and its legs are rubber fitted so that the users do not slip.

There is also a two-wheeled walker. It has two wheels at the front and two rubberized wheels at the back. The wheels are fixed. Additionally, the walker has more accessories. It has padded seats and side pockets for storage. The legs can be expanded so that a user can sit on it comfortably or can walk appropriately. Another type of medical walker is a medical rollators walker. It consists of three wheels. The heights can be adjusted in a rollator. It has hand brakes and swiveling wheels for enhanced safety. Most of these rollators are equipped with handbrakes to prevent slipping and collision.

When should you use the rollators?

Many people take mobility for granted, but with age, they slow down. Mobility makes elderly people feel important because it gives them a lot of independence. Mobility loss is linked with an increased fall or risk. When the elderly population falls, it results in hip and wrist fractures and this may need surgery. However, there are a few measures, which can reduce the risk of fall. One such measure is using a walking aid. Walking aids are often prescribed by the doctors. The wheeled walkers are commonly terms as rollators. They are available in a huge variety of sizes and shapes and have several features.

The common types of medical rollators are usually 3 wheeled and 4 wheeled. The 3 wheeled rollators can fit into confined places but it provides less support. This makes it suitable for those people who need mild or moderate assistance. The 4 wheeled rollators offer more support compared to the 3 wheeled rollators. They are available with a seat so that a user can rest whenever he wants. This makes it a popular choice. Both kinds of walkers use hand brakes and they have a basket so that you can transport items. This is an extremely important feature.

Where to buy them?

Medical walkers such as a medical rollators walker and the other kinds of walking aids are sold in several stores. The stores can be both online and offline. They are mainly the home health supply stores. The stores sell devices and items that can help you to walk properly. They are available in various price ranges. The prices differ according to the specification and the brand. If you buy online, you can buy them comparatively at a cheaper price because the competition is more. A high-quality medical walker promotes safety and has good features.

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