Myofascial Pain and How It Can Be Treated

You must have heard about acupuncture, a medical field which was established in China around the Common Era. In this field, with the help of some sharp objects, the body’s muscles and tissues are pressed to treat the person of any disease. In the past times before the invention of needles, the medical representatives used sharp stones and bones for as the tools of treatment. There was some advancement made in this field but to nobody’s gain, the science of acupuncture could not develop according to its potential. The work of acupuncture is to be done with precision and it deals with the sensitive muscles and tissues of the body. If we can strike the perfect chord via acupuncture instant relief from pain is what we will get.

Now, doctors earlier had to use their skills and expertise in working with needles on the patient, but with an ultrasound-guided dry needle (UGDN) there is no need of implying anything, the doctors can easily resolve the issue by clearly seeing the affected area and treating the patient. You can check more about UGDN here

What is dry needling?

It refers to manipulating the soft tissue which is experiencing pain with the help of needles but they do not have any medicine in them.

We can understand the full potential of UGDN with the help of an example. Let’s take the case of Myofascial pain. Myofascial comes from Myofascia, it is a collective term used to describe the tissues that are woven around a muscle. Hence the Myofascial pain originates in the tissue and travels to the body muscles causing acute pain to the body. Due to this pain, the muscles often swell which becomes the main cause of the pain, in this therapy with the help of needles the pressure is relieved which normalizes the muscles inflammation which diminishes the pain gradually.

In this, the role of UGDN is that with the help of ultrasound the doctors can easily look through the swelled parts of the body so that they do not have to go for the trial and error method which was what done earlier by them. This technique is popularly called elastography which helps find the active trigger points of the affected area.

Causes of Myofascial Pain:-

All the research has not been able to identify the exact cause of the pain; however, there are some associated factors which can lead to this pain disorder:

  1. Any physical injury to the body can harm the tender muscles leading to acute pain.
  2. Although people do not believe in it, any psychological trauma can be a factor of pain in various parts of the body. If not treated on time it could lead to more grave disorders.
  3. Our muscles can handle only so much pressure and stress, therefore acute stress can lead to pain disorders.
  4. Any discrepancy in the body metabolism can also lead to pain in the muscles of the body.

The UGDN therapy can relieve the person of the Myofascial by focusing on treating through all these body pains. To know more about the therapy you can check

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