Studying in the United States should pay attention: the location of the school will also affect employment!

American companies follow the “principle of proximity” when recruiting, and they will start from the local first when recruiting people. This is not the same as in our country. American companies will post a lot of jobs in local schools, and almost no posts will be issued for schools that are famous but far away. For example, if you go to a college in New York, you can only find jobs in New York (also known as 纽约找工作) to a large extent. In the job fair, some universities close to the company will be the first choice, because they are familiar with the teaching level and student quality of these schools, and they also have many opportunities to communicate with the students of these schools.

Also, many ivy league engineering students have a hard time getting jobs because the ivy league schools are mostly surrounded by financial companies, or Banks. If you major in a related field, it’s easy to find a job, but other majors are hard. For example, CS and EE majors in Columbia University are almost a paradise and a hell.

Therefore, it is important to choose where to study. Before you leave the country, study agents (also known as 留学中介) and immigration lawyers (also known as 移民律师) will also tell you this. You need to think long-term and choose carefully. The US East and West coasts have different priorities. California in the western United States is dominated by electronics, software, and computers. Therefore, people who learn CS will be better at finding jobs in California. The Great Lakes region is a traditionally developed manufacturing industry. People who study mechanical professions will be very good in this area. Boston, Massachusetts, New York, Philadelphia, and Chicago, are well-known financial centers, so there are many opportunities for students in business accounting, finance, economics, and management.

You also need to pay attention to the legal identity issue at work. Applying for a green card of the US is the best state (also known as 美国绿卡), but the green card schedule (also known as 绿卡排期) is very long. You can consider applying for an h1b visa (also known as h1b 签证) first.

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